Service Covered

With WP GENIE Managed WordPress support plan we cover following services in your website.
Our team of WordPress experts are happy to assist you with following works.

Unlimited Task

Our plans have option for Unlimited website edits and updates. We cover all your task like adding new page updating blog post etc. We provide unlimited edit option with our managed and growth plan only. You can ask many updates as you needed. One single task is limited to 2Hrs. You can create many task in month.

  • Option to create unlimited task with our support plan.
  • Only 2Hr/Task limitation apply.
  • For multiple task we create separate task with priority required
  • Immediate support for website down.
  • We try to finish most of our task within one day.

Daily Cloud Backups

With all our WordPress maintenance plan we provide daily backup for your website. We store these backup in secure location and We restore your website with in 1Hr if your website is down. With our dedicated team of expert in backup technology you never loss any data in your site.

  • Daily backup for your website
  • Backup stored in secure location
  • We run backup on your site when there is low visitors. So it wont effect site performance.

Weekly Theme + Plugin Updates

Our all WordPress maintenance plan come with Weekly plugin and theme updates. Updated WordPress plugin and theme is essential part of website security. We ensure compatibility before the updates. And we try to do the updates on your site when there is less traffic. So this update don’t effect your normal business.

  • Backup before Theme and Plugin update.
  • Manual and tool based checking of performance before and after updates.
  • Testing of website features after update

WordPress Security Fixes

We provide security fixes for your website we assure your site is protected from malware and hackers. We monitor your website with latest security tools and plugin. We ensure your site will be white listed in major search engines.

  • All in One security plugin implementation to all sites
  • Wordpress brute force attack prevention.
  • Malware protection from security treats.

Our WordPress Support Process

See how we work with our clients. We use following process for all of our supports.You will be onboard to our service via this process.


In this step you will be register to any of our WordPress support plan. You can use Paypal or Credit card to setup subscription option with us. We provide 7 day trail. You will be only charged after he 7day trail period.Join with us and forgot about you WordPress website management we will do all these for you.

Next Process


In this step after you register with us we ask for your website login details hosting credential etc. We will do initial communication how we work. And how you can send support request to us. Yes it is very simple you just need send a email.Our Onboarding process is very simple. We will just send a email you only need provide some details.

Next Process


After the on boarding process we start our work on your website. We setup backup and security system as per your plan. We also start to provide weekly report your website this include uptime, security issues, Plugin updated, WordPress code updated etc.We continuously updates our work flow and methodologies to improve our self and deliver maximum ROI for our clients.

Next Process

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